Chopping Board Wax - Coconut

A special blend of Coconut Oil, Pure Mineral Oil and Pure Filtered Beeswax; to maintain and protect chopping boards, kithen Utensils and other wooden items that come in contact with food. Coconut oil helps to neatrise smells. The mineral oil helps re-hydrate the board and finally, the bees wax helps waterproof the board and to make it more durable.


This product has been especially made to help nutralise smells, and odors, of stong smelling foods.For example when onions and garlic are cut, they tend to leave a stong residue behind. This residue can contimate other foods which will give them an unwanted taste even after washing.

Our soultion to this problem is our specially made wax, used inconjuntion with a small seperate chopping board in which only these foods are cut on. Thus eliminationg cross contamination between foods.


For further protection a blend of mineral oil and beeswax is applied to the surface. This makes the end grain chopping board more durable, more resilient to water as well as enhancing the glossy finish.

Mineral Oil and Chopping Board Wax is also available to buy to ensure your board stays in the best condition.


How to use:

1. Clean the chopping board with a damp cloth and leave to dry, next using a cloth apply the Wax in a circular motion to all sides of the board. Finally leave to stand overnight and gently wipe off any excess.

Product Number: #coconutwax


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    Revitalise Your Board

    Chopping Board Oil

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    Protect Your Board

    Chopping Board Wax

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    Rehydrate Your Board

    Chopping Board Oil

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    Take Care Of Your Board

    Chopping Board Wax