Onion Board - Oak

A beautiful hand crafted end grain onion board; designed specifically for cutting onion, garlic and other strong smelling foods.


Our onion boards are sanded to a smooth glossy surface and treated with coconut oil. Coconut oil helps neutralise the smell that comes from cutting foods such as onions.

For further protection a wax is applied to the board which consists of a special blend of Coconut Oil, Pure Mineral Oil and Pure Filtered Beeswax.

This maintains and protects the board making it more resilient to water as well as enhancing the glossy finish.


Every Onion Board Set is supplied with 2x 50ml jar of Coconut Wax.


Mineral Oil and Chopping Board Wax is also available to buy to ensure your board stays in the best condition.

Product Number: #OB000/1

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    Revitalise Your Board

    Chopping Board Oil

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    Protect Your Board

    Chopping Board Wax

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    Rehydrate Your Board

    Chopping Board Oil

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    Take Care Of Your Board

    Chopping Board Wax