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Three Japanese style English Cherry End Grain Chopping Boards stacked


About Us

Jamie has always had a love for carpentry and could often be found playing with tools and a toy work bench from the age of three! Jamie is a maker at heart and loves nothing more than being creative and designing new products. Early in 2016 Jamie began a journey starting his own business primarily focusing on End Grain Chopping Boards. Starting with just a few items listed on his small Etsy Store; Jamie now has his own website with as many as one hundred boards available as well as made to order options. Skinner Designs has now expanded into high end furniture and more!

Jamie from Skinner designs black and white image planning some English Oak wood.
Standard style American black walnut end grain chopping board

End Grain Chopping Boards

With so many species of wood, styles, ranges and sizes available from Skinner Designs how do you choose an End Grain Chopping Board to suit you? With this guide hopefully! We have listed everything we offer within the following pages so have fun looking and choosing!

We also offer a downloadable PDF guide

Bespoke Z-Chairs

Introducing our Mid Century Modern Z Chairs. Based on the famous, 1950’s Selig Z- Chair originally created by Poul Jensen, these chairs capture and revitalise the iconic, Danish design. Handmade in Sussex, these luxury pieces are constructed using the very best timber. They are finished with a durable, hardwearing oil that enhances the wood’s natural character.  

Ebonised English Oak Selig z chair furnished with pink cushions and black piping.
Pair of adjustable plant stands in black holding up a large money plant.

Adjustable Plant Stands

During the infamous Lockdown of 2020, my fiancé and I turned to all things plants at a time when all you could do was to visit your local garden centre! To say we became quite obsessed is a slight understatement. With our indoor jungle rapidly growing, we became aware of the ongoing problem of plants outgrowing pots and therefore, their stands. Not only was it becoming quite expensive to constantly be buying new plant accessories, but also we found it extremely wasteful. And so... The Adjustable Plant Stand was born! 

Character Clocks

Our clocks are made from the most gorgeous pieces of hand picked  'character' wood, full of unique grain, rays, pip and ripple. Paired with a silent and smooth motion clock mechanism and a choice of hands.

Three character clocks made from beautiful poplar wood.
Three magnetic knife blocks made from American black walnut, English oak and ebonised English Oak

Magnetic Knife Blocks

When it comes to our magnetic knife blocks it's as simple as choosing a species of wood you like the look of. All of our blocks are capable of holding five knives per side using high strength rare earth magnets.

Bespoke Furniture

We take on most bespoke furniture projects and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We provide a free design and quote service for all our clients. Please get in touch to start your free design experience.

We work with wood, metal, concrete and plastics. Tell us what you would like and we will let you know what is possible!

Bespoke six drawer chest of drawers made from English Oak in a mid century style
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