Adjustable Plant Stands

Adjustable Plant Stands

We have finally launched our fabulous ADJUSTABLE Plant Stands! 

Currently made to order. Currently time of 1-2 weeks to dispatch.



Why are they so unique I hear you ask? How many times have you bought a plant stand to fit a certain plant, but you then have to repot it into a larger pot and so no longer fits the stand? NOT a problem! Our plant stands are fully adjustable! They can also be flipped on their end if you fancy a change! They will be available in three different heights and pot sizes!


It is as simple as choosing the height of stand you would like. We offer 300mm, 400mm and 500mm versions. Then choose the size you require to suit your pot, we have two options available: The small adjustable plate is suitable for pots ranging between 130mm and 180mm. The large adjustable plate is for pot sizes betwen 170mm and 250mm. We also offer the option to buy both sized plates if you change what pots you use with the stands in the future.


Made from Baltic Birch Plywood and finished with Osmo Hard Wax Oil. 

Self assembly required. Approximate five miniutes


Handmade in Britain. West Sussex. Lindfield

  • Pot sizes & Adjustable Plate Size

    The Small size adjustable plate is for pots between 130mm and 180mm.

    The large size size adjustable plate is for pots between 170mm and 250mm.

    There is an option to purchase both sizes. Please choose Small & Large


  • Heights

    The 300mm stand sits pots 165mm off  the ground

    The 400mm stand sits pots 265mm off the ground

    The 500mm stand sits pots 365mm off the ground

    All stands can be flipped upside down if desired and pots will be 165mm from the ground.

    Large/Heavier pots are best on the shorter stands.