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Border End Grain Chopping Boards
  • Border #61 (490 x 260 x 40mm)

    Size: 490 x 260 x 40mm

    Range: Border

    Style: Standard

    Species:American Maple & American Cherry


    A fairly new addition to our range of boards. This style of chopping board is made using a variety of contrasting woods each bordering the previous species of wood creating a unique bordered look. This can work well with two or more wood species.


    All of our boards are available to order with a personalised engraving and a care kit consisting of Wax and Oil. Please use the drop down menus to select these options.

    • We offer a full range of custom designs for every occasion which can be engraved onto any side of the chopping boards as well as on the top surface if required.

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    PriceFrom £124.99

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