Chopping Board Wax

Chopping Board Wax - Chopping Board Protection

SKU: Wax100

Maintenance is recommend to ensure your End Grain Chopping Board is prepared for whatever you throw at it. Our wax is made from filtered beeswax and pure mineral oil. This combination creates a 'board butter' which is easily applied.


Our wax is best used in addition to our minerail oil. Once the wax is applied it will further prevent liquids soaking into your board. The wax will also bring back the original glossy look, great if your chopping board is the statment piece in your kitchen.


Our chopping boards require monthly maintenance in order to keep the looking and working their best.

Applying our chopping board oil monthly prevents your board from drying out; which could let unwanted liquids soaking into the board.





    Start by cleaning both sides of the board and leaving to dry. Using a cloth apply a liberal amount of oil to the underside first, leave to soak in, preferably overnight.

    Wipe off any excess and repeat for the top surface, again leaving overnight. Wipe off excess and your board is ready to use. It is important to apply oil to both sides in order to prevent board from bowing.

    (Best done after oiling process) Clean board with a damp cloth and leave to dry. Apply some wax to a dry lint free cloth (J Cloth). In a circular motion apply the wax to the board covering the top and sides with wax.

    Leave overnight and then wipe off excess. Your board is ready to use.