English Oak 460 x 350 x 40mm

English Oak 460 x 350 x 40mm

SKU: O0038

Classic English Oak, usually golden yellowy brown in colour. Heartwood can vary to darker shades and sapwood tends to be a lighter creamy colour. A very durable and heavy timber with fantastic grain patterns.


Please note this is a double sided board and will require a soft surface for the board to be placed on when in use. It is also recommended to store the board in its side to allow airflow to both sides of the board. We can add feet if required.


  • What's all the fuss about 'End-Grain'?


    An end grain cutting boards surface is up to one and a half times harder than a standard "face grain" cutting board alternative.

    The orientation of the woodfibres mean that a knife will slide between fibres rather than cutting them. This means the board surface will last longer.

    Regular treatment with our Oil and Wax will cause the board to "self-heal". This will impel the wood fibres to close together around most scratches on the surface; almost bringing back the original surface finish.

  • Care Instructions


    Our chopping boards require monthly maintenance in order to keep the looking and working their best.

    Applying our chopping board oil monthly prevents your board from drying out and potentiality cracking after repeated washes.

    For further protection a special blend on mineral oil and beeswax is applied to the surface. This makes the surface further resilient to water as well as restoring the glossy finish.

    Mineral Oil and Chopping Board Wax is also available to buy to ensure your board stays in the best condition.