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Skinner Designs provides bespoke furniture making and design service for all whom require a friendly and reliable service. We are a small two person business operating out of Lindfield in West Sussex. 

Our best point of contact is via email as we are usually busy in the workshop with our ear defenders on! 

We can arrange a call back to discuss your requirements if you prefer.

If you would like to talk to us in person please give us a call or text on our mobile number: 07950 585198. 


We work with wood, metals, plastics and composite materials such as concrete which allows us to choose from a wide variety of materials in order to supply you with the best quality products.

Bespoke Furniture

We take on most bespoke furniture projects and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We provide a free design and quote service for all our clients. Please get in touch to start your free design service.


1.We start by asking specific questions related to the piece of furniture you require as well as any measurements we need, if you are local we may be able to arrange a visit to measure up. If you happen to have some images of design aspects you like we would love to see them. We also require a budget from you as this will help us determine what materials/designs are best suited for the project.


2. From you requirements we will then spend some time creating a series of designs at different price points within your budget and supply to these to you for free. For clarity we will separate material cost and labour to give you clear understanding of where the budget is being used.

3. From these designs you can choose to go ahead with a particular design or incorporate aspects from each; If changes to the design are to be made we ask for a small 5% deposit. Or if you are totally unhappy with the selection let us know your thoughts and we will try to improve on the designs.


4.Once a design has been chosen we ask for a 50% deposit from which we will order in materials and make a start on your piece of furniture.  

5. On completion of the project you may see it in person or we can supply photographs if required.


6.Final payment is to be made before the item is delivered/collected.


In the unlikely event you would like to return your chopping board it would fall in either

of these two categories.

  Customer Return

If the customer changes their mind and would like a refund they must return the item in the same original condition and packaging. We can organise a return label for you. The customer will then

receive a refund minus post and packaging each way after we have received the parcel.

There may be a re-stock fee however this will be agreed during the return.

Faulty Product Return

In the unlikely event that an item is delivered damaged, faulty or incorrect we will take full responsibility and organise a return, replacement of goods or a refund. If an item fails within the warranty period as listed under our warranty section we will also replace or refund the item upon receiving it back.

Chopping Board Warranty

All of our chopping boards have a one year guarantee which covers manufacturing issues or wood defects such as cracks and splitting. As mentioned in our wood movement section, wood can expand and contract by  small amounts depending on the levels of moisture in your home.  This small level of movement usually goes unnoticed with boards that have feet. The feet increase grip,  reduce the amount of contact area to the work surface, while increasing air flow under the board and keeping moisture levels balanced.


With double sided boards however, movement is more noticeable as they are placed directly on the work surface. Even a very small amount of wood movement will make the board unstable. This is why we recommend they are placed  on a soft towel during use. This movement is not covered under our warranty.


Once a board has made it through a full year in your home it has passed through the winter months where the air tends to be drier due to central heating, which can cause the board to shrink. Then through the summer months where warm air brings higher humidity this will cause the board to expand. After this one year period any defect would have become apparent and you can expect with regular maintenance  and following our best practices guide that your chopping board will last a long time.


All of your information is securely stored and not shared with any third parties.

From time to time we will use your email to send you Skinner Designs / Plant Stand Company updates only.

We use a secure payment system operated through our website by WIX.


Interested in wholesale? Please get in contact via email for wholesale price lists.


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Bank Transfer

- Cash




  1. These codes are only available to use within one hour of checkout.

  2. Codes can only be used by the same customer.

  3. Savings are passed on by combining postage of additional items. Therefore multiple purchases will be sent as one parcel to the same address.

  4. Refunds cannot be given in order to use the voucher for the same/more items originally purchased.

  5. Only available for the purchase of additional items.


  1. Gift cards are only redeemable on Skinner Designs.

  2. Not exchangeable for cash.

  3. Non refundable.

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