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Handmade ebonised Oak Z chair pair with grey cushions

How To Choose a Z Chair

With so many species of wood, finishes, and cushion options available from Skinner Designs how do you choose a 

Z-Chair to suit you? With this guide hopefully!

We have listed everything we offer within the following pages so have fun looking and choosing!

We also offer a downloadable PDF guide.

Your Five Choices

When choosing a Skinner Designs Z Chair/Sofa/Foot Stool there are five choices you will need to make.

Find out all you need to know below.

Z-Chair, Sofa or Footstool?

Choose from our Z Chairs, custom length Sofas (Love Seat) and matching Footstools.

See below for more information on our custom length sofa.

Chairs are priced as frames only with the added option to add cushions. See below for more details.

Dimensional drawings of Z-Chairs


Z chair love seat/Sofa with green cushions

Custom Length Sofa

Our Z Chair sofas are available as a two or three person seaters.

They can be customised to any length (within reason) so if you have an exact space to fill just let us know and we can formulate a price.

Our two seater sofa is 1,370mm in width giving 1200mm of seating space whereas our three person is 1,970mm in width giving 1800mm of seating space

Standard Z Chair cushions are 600mm wide, we recommend at least 500mm per person. 

We can also make a single cushion rather than multiple separate cushions if required.

Wood Species

Now it's time to choose a species of wood, with so many to choose from we have broken them down to our most popular species.  We also offer a mixed species design where two contrasting woods can be laminated together to give a unique look to the frames or contrasting back supports as seen on our ebonised Oak chairs.


Click a species below to see more images.



Hard wax oil is a protective wood treatment for interior use. Combines natural oils and waxes to form a hard wearing and durable finish which is ideal for wooden flooring and furniture. The oil provides a warm and rich effect that brings out the true beauty of all woods by emphasising the grain and promoting its natural characteristics. It has excellent resistance to coffee, wine and alcohol spills as long as it is wiped up immediately.

Our hard wax oil is hand rubbed onto the surface of the wood, applying it this way lightly abrades the surface resulting in smoother unblemished final finish. Two coats of oil are applied as per the manufacturer's instructions. If touch ups are required re-application is as easy gently abrading the surface and wiping over a fresh coat.

Ebonising is a process for darkening wood, giving it an appearance similar to ebony, hence the name. It is particularly used for pianos and fine furniture or where a rich black colour is desired. Ebonising works best on timber species with a high tannin content like Oak or Walnut.

Ebonised Oak turns the surface a beautiful rich black while leaving the deeper open grain alone,

creating a fantastic contrast and highly textured effect.

Ebonised Walnut turns the surface a beautiful rich black, due to it's closed grain structure the surface

is exceptionally smooth and gives that 'true' black effect.

Check out our ebonised Oak chairs below: