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Personalisation & Engraving

Personalising one of our beautiful chopping boards makes a perfect gift great for:
Wedding - Anniversary - Birthday - Special Occasion - New Home - Mother/Father’s Day and more..
We offer a full range of custom designs for every occasion which can be engraved onto any side of the chopping boards as well as on the top surface if required. A PDF with more details can be downloaded here.
We can engrave both made to order and in stock chopping boards except the Japanese style board sides due to the tapered edges.
Our process is simple and we do all design work for you. All you have to do is purchase the engraving option along with your chopping board via our website and let us know the following details:
1. What you would like to have engraved.
2. Location of the engraving.
If you have any specific requirements please let us know.
Upon ordering, we will be in touch with a selection of designs for you to choose from. Finally, once a design is agreed on we will then engrave your board.

1. Choose a side/face for your engraving

We can engrave our chopping boards on any side or face, just specify where using the image below for reference. We can engrave multiple sides with different text if required.

Where we can engrave an End Grain Chopping Board

2. Choose your text

Let us know what text you would like to have engraved onto the board. If you have a name and a date for example, we can separate sections of text if needed. 

Bespoke engraving on an End Grain Chopping Board

3. Choose a font and layout options

We have various options when it comes to choosing a font and layout for your engraving:

1. Let us do the work! Purchase the engraving option and tell us two things:

  • What text you would like to be engraved.

  • Where you would like it to be engraved.

Upon ordering, we will then be in touch with a selection of fonts using your chosen text. Tell us which font you would like, then we will send you some different layouts using that font. Finally select your favourite design from which we will send a final confirmation before we engrave your board.


2. ​Choose a font and/or layout or pre-set when ordering. Download this PDF file of our most popular fonts and layouts then choose a design that you like. Let us know and we will email you back with a design before engraving.

3. Find your own font. Alternately you could use these sites to choose a font, just type in your custom text to see the results: Wordmark or Dafont Let us know which font you would like when you place your order.


4. Supply your own font. If you have a typeface you would like to use just send it to us via email. 

5. You all the way! You are welcome to design your own engraving and supply it to us as a digital file.

With the above options you will get a chance to confirm how it looks when we email you containing the different layout options. If you would like to try more than one font just let us know. We can engrave small images and emojis.

Image by Alexander Andrews


Double check and confirm your chosen design and spelling before we go to engrave your board. There is no going back now!

Image by Sincerely Media


We will now setup your board on our dedicated computer controlled laser to accurately engrave your custom text.

Image by Opt Lasers

Previous Work

Grab some inspiration! Take a look at all of our personalisation's

Try our new font selector*

Enter the text you would like to have engraved and view a wide variety of fonts.

When ordering the engraving just tell us which font you like in the notes section on checkout.

*(We are currently trying this new option, please be aware of this when using Wordmark. We have no affiliation with WordMark)

See us in action!

See our laser in action personalising a bespoke End Grain Chopping Board

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