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Chopping Board Oil
  • Chopping Board Oil 250ml

    All  wooden items with constant contact with food and water need regular maintenance in order to keep them looking and behaving at their best. For our chopping boards all that is required is monthly oiling and waxing.


    Purchase options:

    • Chopping Board Oil - 250ml
    • Chopping Board Wax - 100g
    • Chopping Board Oil & Wax 


    Our pharmaceutical grade, food safe, pure mineral oil is applied liberally to the surface of the board and left to soak in overnight. The oil penetrates deep into the wood pores making your board become more resilient to liquids.


    We also offer a board wax which is a special blend of the same high quality mineral oil but with the addition of natural filtered beeswax. The wax has a soft butter like consistency and is easily wiped onto the board and left to soak in overnight. Our wax greatly improves the woods ability to repel water by filling the wood pours as well as giving your chopping board its glossy look back. This can also be applied monthly.

    • To apply the oil or wax make sure your board has been cleaned thoroughly on all sides and is completely dry.  Apply to all surfaces and edges as treating one side only could warp the board due to a difference in moisture levels. Once applied, oil or wax is best left overnight as it needs a chance to soak into the pores of the wood.  

      Step One
      Place the board on a surface which can 
      resist oil spills and any excess oil or wax can be mopped up easily.

      Step Two
      Pour some oil or wipe some wax onto the bottom surface of the board and spread it around in a circular motion using a folded paper towel. There should be a thin film across the surface of the board, you may need to add more oil or wax if necessary. Then leave to soak in.

      Step Three
      Flip the board over and repeat step two, this time also wiping over the edges of the board. Again leave to soak in.

      Step 4 (If using Wax
      Buff the surfaces using soft paper towel or dedicated chopping board soft buffing cloth.

      Last Step
      Wipe any excess oil or wax off the surfaces using paper towel.

    • With the central heating on in your home the air will be considerably drier. This will cause your chopping board’s surfaces to dry out a little quicker. Therefore, we recommend to oil your board more frequently.

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