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Made to Order English Beech - End Grain Chopping Boards
  • Made to Order English Beech - End Grain Chopping Boards

    Made to order End Grain Chopping Boards are available in a variety of set sizes in various species with different style options. Please see 'Choosing A Chopping Board' page for information for all our board options.


    Lead time:

    Made to order End Grain Chopping Boards take approximately 2-3 weeks to manufacture. Please contact if you need one of our products sooner.



    English Beech: Beech is pale brown/pink with the occasional reddish streak. A very heavy, dense hardwood that is widely used in furniture making and perfect for our end grain chopping boards.

    More information: 'Choosing A Chopping Board' & 'Wood Database'


        •    Extra Small: 350 mm x 215 mm

        •    Small: 400 mm x 265 mm

        •    Medium: 450 mm x 315 mm

        •    Large: 500 mm x 365 mm

        •    Extra Large: 600 mm x 415 mm

        •    Jumbo: 650 mm x 465 mm

    (All boards are 40mm in thickness except our slimline style at 30mm)



    Ergonomically speaking our styles offer different handle, edge and feet options to suit how you use your chopping board. They also present various visual styles to suit any home. 

    More information: 'Choosing A Chopping Board'



    Due to the handmade nature of our chopping boards the tolerances are +/-20mm of the sizes stated here. We generally increase the length/width of the board if we find that one side is smaller to make sure you are still receiving the same surface area. 

    Care Kit & Engraving:

    All of our boards are available to order with a Care Kit consisting of Wax and Oil and a Personalised Engraving. Please use the drop down menus to select these options.

    More information: 'Cleaning & Maintenance' & 'Personalisation & Engraving'


    Due to the handmade nature of these products and timber being a natural material, all measurements are approximate. Appearance, colour and grain patterns will vary between all products. For more information please contact us and for further examples of colour and grain variations please visit Choosing a Chopping Board page.

    • An end grain chopping boards surface is up to one and a half times harder than a standard "face grain" cutting board alternative. The orientation of the wood means that a knife will slide between the fibres of the wood rather than cutting them; meaning your knives will stay sharper for longer.

      Unlike regular face grain chopping boards, regular treatment with our Oil and Wax will cause the board to "self-heal". This will impel the wood fibres to expand and close together around many of the scratches and cuts on the surface; almost bringing back the original surface finish.

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