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Fits any pot plant stands Black
  • Set of Three Original-Black Adjustable Plant Stands

    With our set of three plant stands you will recieve an Adjustable Plant Stand in each size: Short, Medium & Tall at a discounted rate saving £19.98


    All of our plant stands can be adjusted to fit different diameter plant pots. This means you no longer need to worry about getting the measuring tape out to make sure your pot is going to fit one of our stands. It's just going to fit common pots between 130mm to 260mm in diameter.


    Made from Birch Plywood this was our first range to come into existence! The plywood is coated with a clear satin varnish which flaunts the woods wonderful natural colour and layered ply's on the cut edge.


    Height: 1x Short 300mm, 1x Medium 400mm & 1x Tall 500mm

    Range: Original-Black


    Need a celebratory reward after you have assembeled the Adjustable Plant Stand?

    Then why not try some chocolate from our friends at Resident Pheasant. Just use the drop down menu to add a bar and tell us the flavour you would like in the box. 

    Here are the flavours

    • Our plant stands come with two different sized 'plates' which enable the plant stand to adjust to a wide variety of common pot diameters. Each plate enables the three legs to slide in out and can be fixed at at any point making the plant stand perfectly fit to your pot.

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    PriceFrom £99.99

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