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Resident Pheasant Chocolate
Fudge Chocolate Resident Pheasant Chocolate
Resident Pheasant Chocolate

A Team Up with Resident Pheasant

Colour your world with Chocolate. Gone are the days of boring chocolate. Resident Pheasant's mission is to bring a new outlook to the world of chocolate, whilst being kind to our planet, our farmers and throw shade towards boring chocolate

Available Flavours

Resident Pheasant have a delicious range of flavours using high quality chocolate.

See more below! Pair a bar or two with a Skinner Designs product and receive free delivery!

Eton mess white chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Eton Mess White Chocolate

Transport yourself to a classic British summer dinner party with one of the nation’s favourite desserts, Eton Mess. Enjoy our mouth-watering creamy white chocolate scattered with crunchy, chewy meringue and delightful red berry pieces. Chocolate that’s so nostalgically pleasing, you’ll be throwing shade straight towards boring chocolate.

Honeycomb crunch chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Honeycomb Crunch Milk Chocolate

Does the sound of this chocolate get you buzzed? You’ll ‘bee’ even happier once you delve into this melt in the mouth chocolate that’s slathered with golden, crunchy shards of honeycomb. Chocolate that’s so mouth-watering you’ll be throwing shade straight towards boring chocolate.

Mint Chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Mint Dark Chocolate- Vegan

Chocolate that is so deliciously minty, you’ll be wanting chocolate at all hours, not just after eight. This vegan-friendly bar is smooth, indulgent and punchy, we’ve taken our dark chocolatey goodness and taken it to another world with irresistible minty notes. Enliven your senses, enjoy this luxurious bar and throw shade towards boring chocolate.

Orange dark chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Orange Dark Chocolate- Vegan

Orange ya lucky to try this chocolate? Inspired by decadent 70’s chocolate orange fondues, we’ve given our Dark chocolate the ‘zest’ life deserves by infusing it with natural orange flavours and scattering it with beautifully sticky, candied orange pieces. Spice up your life with a delicious citrus punch that’s so deliciously zingy, you’ll be throwing shade towards boring chocolate. 

Billionaire Shortbread chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Billionaire Shortbread Milk Chocolate

Bank balance beware, this chocolate is deliciously ‘rich’ you’ll bet your bottom dollar you’ll feel like a billionaire eating it, wanting more and more. We’ve vamped our milk chocolate with sea salt, caramel and scattered crumbly, buttery shortbread pieces to build layered biscuity, chocolate perfection. 

Caramel Sea Salt chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Caramel Sea Salt Milk Chocolate

Chocolate that good, you’ll no longer give a damn. Our best-selling chocolate, pairs natural and sweet caramel, with the silky smooth classic milk chocolate. Scattered with small Cornish salt crystals, it creates an absolute taste sensation that’s a real crowd pleaser.

70% Dark chocolate Vegan - Resident Pheasant

70% Dark Chocolate- Vegan

Intense, smooth and no trace of bitterness. At 72% minimum cocoa solids, discover our darkest bar with so much attitude, you’ll be throwing shade towards boring chocolate. We source the finest, ethical cocoa from the Ivory Coast to blend and create your chocolate perfection so smooth you won’t know quite what’s hit you.

Raspberry chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Raspberry Explosion Dark Chocolate- Vegan

Take your taste buds on a taste adventure, entering through the world of velvety darkness taken to the max with an explosion of sweet and tangy raspberry infusions. To finish your sensational taste journey, we’ve topped this melt-in-the mouth chocolate with raspberry pieces for that extra touch you won’t regret. Chocolate that zingy you’ll be throwing shade towards boring chocolate.

Fudge milk chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Fudge Milk Chocolate

Chocolate that’s the fudgin’ best. Feel pure bliss tucking into creamy milk chocolate topped with real Cornish clotted cream flavoured fudge pieces. Chunky, creamy and downright craved by all. Chocolate that’s so fudgy sweet, you’ll be throwing shade straight towards boring chocolate. 

Sea Salt chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Sea Salt Milk Chocolate

Chocolate that’s so incredibly salty-sweet, you’ll be throwing shade straight towards boring chocolate. Taking our velvety milk base and scattering it with the perfect amount of Sea Salt from the British Cornish Coast, we’ve created a bar that’s so unbelievably moreish, that it’s argued to be the bar you’ll want to reach for, time and time again.  

Dark Ginger chocolate - Resident Pheasant

Ginger Zing Dark Chocolate- Vegan

Are you a ginger nutter or simply looking to add a little spice to your life? If you love a sweet and spicy combination, look no further. We take our moreish, smooth and velvety dark base and take it to a whole other dimension with fiery pieces of crystallised stem ginger. Chocolate that’s so delectable, you’ll be throwing shade straight towards boring chocolate.

Letter box gifts in the form of chocolate - Resident Pheasant
Letter box gifts full of chocolate from Eton mess - Resident Pheasant
Letter box gifts full of chocolate from Eton mess - Resident Pheasant

Letter Box Gifts

Why not order a letter box gift with three of your favourite flavours! The recipient doesn't even need to be in - Just goes straight through the letter box.

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