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English Oak Magnetic Knife Block
  • Magnetic Knife Blocks - English Oak

    SKU: Mag-Block-Oak

    Meet our stunning Magnetic Knife Block handmade in the heart of Mid Sussex. This eye-catching piece is constructed using the very best high quality timbers. The block itself, contains twenty rare earth magnets in order to keep your knives securely in position. This fabulous block can hold up to ten knives at one time. (Five per side).


    Finished using a durable, hard wax oil, which not only protects the underlying wood, but creates a smooth, semi-reflective finish, enhancing the natural grain of the wood. Magnets are inserted deep into the inside faces before we glue the two symmetrical mirrored halves together creating the look of a single solid block of wood.


    Size: 250 x 250 x 70-100mm

    Species: English Oak


    Please note that while we use very strong magnets we have encounted a very few knives that may be too heavy or blades too small to engage properly on all the magents. If you happen to come across this please get in contact.

    • Our blocks use the strongest variety of rare earth magnets which provide excellent holding ability; even with larger, heavier knives.


      There are ten magnets per side with each knife is held with a one magnet near the handle and a further magnet nearer the tip. This securly holds your precoius knives.

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    This product is currently out of stock. We will make a chopping board to order if you would like to purchase a similar item.

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