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SALE End Grain Chopping Board
  • Sale #111 (520 x 370 x 40mm)

    Size: 520 x 370 x 40mm

    Range: Sale

    Style: Standard

    Species: English Cherry

    Defect: Small crack on one end of the board which goes approximately 5mm into the top surface of the board. Keep well waxed. Large filled knot on one long edge of the board, other long edge is clean.


    Occasionally some defects are found in our finished products. If found on the cutting surface, the boards are listed under our sale range and will have a short description describing the defect and it’s effect on the board.


    All of our boards are available to order with a personalised engraving and a care kit consisting of Wax and Oil. Please use the drop down menus to select these options.

    • We offer a full range of custom designs for every occasion which can be engraved onto any side of the chopping boards as well as on the top surface if required.

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    PriceFrom £127.49

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